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14568088_10153720017382282_6060788979295647949_nIntro: Wilson has been an inspiration to Singapore and to the nations through his determination and faith that people can be healed through faith in Jesus Christ. Personally (Frank Hanks), I have been thrilled and excited that Wilson is working his native Singapore daily through personal evangelism and operating in the word of knowledge as he heals all manner of sickness and disease. In addition Wilson is getting many others involved in publicly healing the sick by bold initiatives such as Superhero costumes which attract attention as those he inspires works with Wilson to heal all those who come within range of the superhero webbing. Here is Wilson’s testimony and personal journal of many interesting healing experiences. It is a small sampling of what Wilson14446051_10153696386502282_3962957139434731842_n does because he truly has used his divine superpowers to multiply the work of God in Singapore.

His story: Wilson Barnabas worked in the Airforce for six years before entering full-time church ministry for another six years, pastoring young people. God has recently called him out of church ministry into the marketplace to spend more time wWilson’s Family Photoith his three years old son in this season.Wilson's Family Photo
Wilson longs to know the heart of Father God. Having encountered the manifest presence of God powerfully during his conversion, he now sets his heart to grow in greater consciousness of His presence and love. He is passionate about releasing the kingdom of God as he believes that the Gospel must not only be presented, but demonstrated to reveal the Father’s heart to the lost. Wilson is happily married to Carol. They have a lovely son, Jeshua.


My life had been pretty smooth-sailing as a non-Christian. I was working in the Air Defence, drawing a comfortable salary. However, due to the influence of colleagues, I would hang out and drink at bars and clubs regularly – sometimes, more than once a week. The goal was to know as many pretty girls as possible. We would even visit sleazy bars and massage parlours occasionally. I had a good friend who was a Christian. Whenever we met up, I would kind of tease him about his God and Christianity.

Things began to change when I was invited by my financial planner to a Christmas service in 2014. I said Yes because I was expecting a party with drinks, ladies and fun. When I arrived at the venue, I was shocked to the core of my being. It was a large auditorium. It was a church service! Well, since I was young, I had never been to a church before. My Taoist parents forbade me to go as they deemed it as a cult. Thus, I never knew what a Christmas service meant.

To my surprise, I felt the service meaningful and the sermon pertinent to life. That one event marked the change of my life’s direction. I began to delve deeper into all kinds of religions while visiting churches regularly every Sunday as a seeker. Finally, I came to an intellectual decision that there should only be one real God. Well, that left me with Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

In 2006, I started praying, “Jesus, if You are real, make me cry.” I issued that challenge because I knew that I wouldn’t. I was one who would not display my emotions easily. On the week of Easter, I encountered Jesus powerfully. For a few consecutive nights, when I lay on my bed, there was a strong, bright light in my room. I couldn’t open my eyes. Neither could I move. I was totally paralyzed on my bed. On the final night, I had a dream. In the dream, I saw a man dressed in white and filled with glory. I couldn’t look at him on his face. When I woke up from that dream, I knew the man was Jesus.

On the following day (Good Friday), I heard a voice. It said, “Trust in Me. Trust in Me.” No matter how much I tried to ignore it as a psychological issue, it didn’t stop speaking to me. On the same day, I went to a Catholic mass which re-enacted the crucifixion of Christ. I prayed, “Jesus, if You are real, make me cry today.” Again, I felt nothing. As the mass ended, I thought, “Perhaps it has been an illusion after all. There is no God. I should just give up my search.”

But Jesus did not give up on me, since He was the One who put the desire in me to seek Him.

On Easter day, I was deeply touched by a song presentation which echoed all that I felt during that period of searching. Tears welled up in my eyes. But I challenged Him again, “This is not counted. You have to make me cry. Let me challenge You again. If You are real, get my financial planner to lead me to Christ.” I demanded this, because over the past one and a half years, so many people in the church had asked me to give my life to Jesus, except my financial planner.

Towards the end of the service, she actually turned to me and passed me a note, “Wilson, is today the DAY?” Something in my heart resonated with this invitation. I knew Jesus heard me. I knew He had been revealing Himself to me. Finally, I made the decision to receive Him into my life. What happened next was nothing short of a miracle.

My financial planner came to me and showed me her organiser. Apparently, a week ago, God spoke to her that I would receive Him on Easter Sunday. By faith, she penned it in her calendar. What she had written down was a confirmation of God’s love towards me. He is THAT GOOD!

For the next three days, I couldn’t stop crying. The tangible presence of His love kept overflowing my heart. I would cry while taking public transport in my army uniform. Well, that was what I asked for it.

From that moment onwards, I was very hungry to know Him deeper.

Personal Healing

In Dec 2007, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis. It is an incurable disease where the white blood cells start attacking various parts of the body, causing extreme inflammation. I went to many doctors but none of them could do anything except to suck my bank account dry. The pain was so excruciating that I could not sleep at night. Slight movement of my body would cause severe pain. In the morning when my feet touched the ground, I felt needles poking the sole of my feet. I could hardly walk despite taking strong painkillers and steriod. On some days, I even had to be bedridden. As a result, I was discouraged as I used to be very athletic. The CRP (inflammation level) for an average person is between 1 and 10. Mine went up to more than 150. If my condition were to get worse, my organs could be attacked and I might have to sit on wheelchair for the rest of my life.

One day, my rheumatologist told me, “I have to put you on bio fusion treatment. It costs about $3500 per month.” That’s alot of money! Naturally, I declined the treatment. I started to gather as many Scriptures as I could find on healing and I began to meditate on them day and night. Each time when I went back to the doctor, my inflammation level kept dropping. Finally, the doctor asked, “What did you do to your body? Your CRP level is within the healthy range and your blood is as normal as an average person!” People with my condition could hardly bend their back. They experience stiffness in various parts of their body. But I can easily bend my back. I can jump, run and do whatever I want. I have stopped medication for many years because Jesus has healed me completely! Hallelujah!

Passion for the kingdom of God

As I experienced physical healing, I became very interested in this area. The quest of divine healing, thus, began. I read the Gospel over and over again. I read many books and listened to many teachings on healing. I am fully persuaded that divine healing is the will of God. Jesus paid the price for our healing on the Day of Atonement. By His stripes, we are healed.

In mid-2013, I started hitting the streets with the presentation and demonstration of the Gospel. I have seen hundreds and hundreds of people healed in the streets of Singapore. I have a burden for our locals, who are known to be skeptical and non-receptive. I am tired of hearing consistent, tremendous miracles happening in third world countries and in the missions field. I want to see them in Singapore – a first world country where the locals are self-sufficient and have much unbelief about divine healing. We have had many healing conferences and meetings where renowned preachers and evangelists came, but the fruit cannot be compared to that of third world countries. Hence, I am zealous to see Singaporeans experience breakthrough from the realm of unbelief into the realm of spiritual hunger for Jesus.

The time has come in recent years when we are seeing individual believers awakened to the truth of the Gospel and start walking in what God has intended for us since the Day of Pentecost – as sons and daughters of God to heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demon and preach the Gospel. The Gospel does not come in words, but in power, in the Holy Spirit and full conviction. The Gospel must not only be presented, but also demonstrated to the world!

As a result of pursuing the authentic Gospel to represent Jesus more accurately, I saw healings everywhere I went – shopping malls, hospitals, coffee shops, cafes, streets, MRT platform, air planes, while queuing to buy things and even in toilets! We carry the presence of God. What is IN us never shuts down. He is ALIVE!

Here are a few of the testimonies in Singapore outside the four walls of the church:

I was in Kenny Rogers restaurant for lunch with a group of church youth leaders. A deaf lady approached us to sell phone accessories. Testimony 1 – Lady Who Was Deaf We had to communicate with her by writing. I said, “Can we pray for you?” She nodded. Testimony 16 - Muslim stall where three staff are healedWe prayed and there was no improvement. Then I felt the Holy Spirit saying, “Check out her back and legs.” As we sat her down, we discovered that her left leg was more than one inch shorter than the right one. We prayed and her left leg grew out to her amazement. We continued to pray for her hearing. She started hearing noises but unclear! At this point, we shared the Gospel with her and she gave her life to Jesus! Yay God!
I was in the street one day, asking the locals boldly if anyone needs healing. One old man came to me. He said, “My left ear has problem. I can’t hear clearly.” As I laid hand and prayed, his left ear opened up! He exclaimed, “This is miraculous! I can now hear clearly!” He said that he would visit a Chinese church. Hallelujah!
One rainy day, I brought an umbrella with me. I approached two guys and asked if they had any pain on their body. One of them said, “I have pain at my lower back.” I have heard testimonies of how people used objects to heal. As such, I decided to give it a try by releasing healing on my umbrella. After placing my umbrella on his back for a couple of seconds, I got him to test it out. Man, he was healed! Both of us were surprised! That’s the power of God.
One night, my wife told me that she had a dull pain on her left shoulder. I said that I would pray for her after taking my shower. As I was bathing, I thought of how apostle Paul could heal using his handkerchief. Thus, I said to myself, “If apostle Paul could do it, so can I because we have the same Holy Spirit.” After my shower, I grabbed a piece of tissue and released healing on it. I handed the piece of tissue to my wife and said, “Place it on your left shoulder.” Before she knew it, all the pain had left completely! Praise Jesus!
I was at Tan Tock Seng hospital when I saw an Indian man limping. He shared about his challenging past as a police officer. The Holy Spirit spoke to me, “He has pain at both his shoulders. If he would simply release his past, he will be well.” I asked him, “You have pain on your shoulders now, right?” He was surprised. “How did you know?” I said, “Jesus told me.” I added, “If you would release your past, your shoulders will be healed without me praying.” I led him to say a short prayer to release his past before saying, “Now you test out your shoulders.” You should see the shock on his face. His eyes were wide opened. “How can this be possible?!” He exclaimed. In the end, he received Jesus into his life!
I love to bless taxi drivers. Part of the reason is because they can’t run away from what I share with them. They have to drive me to my destination. Testimony 11 - Security guy who dislocated his shoulderMany healings have taken place in the taxi. There was once when I was bringing my son to a children’s clinic. I had a word of knowledge for the driver. “You have pain on your right arm and left knee, right?” He responded, “How do you know?” I started sharing the Gospel with him. He drove me to a nearby carpark so that I could minister healing to him. Within a few minutes, he received Jesus into his life! Oh yes, he was healed too! Praise Jesus! The taxi journey from my place to the clinic was just a few minutes’ drive. Salvation doesn’t require a long time when the Gospel is not just presented, but also demonstrated. Today is the Day of Salvation!
I was buying a latte at Costa Coffee when I asked if any of the barista had pain on their body. One Muslim barista said, “I have pain on my toe. It’s been there more than a month. Like a spur.” I said, “I can remove the pain.” Laid hand and prayed for her. Her pain went from 8 to 4. I persisted, “Let’s remove all.” When she was healed, Testimony 1 - Lady Who Was Deafshe told her colleagues who were very skeptical. She exclaimed, “This is real. Serious!” As she is a Muslim, I shared about the goodness of Isa (Jesus) with her. Come on, Jesus is the pain killer. Amen!
I entered into a supermarket, looking for a drink before an appointment. As I looked at the cashier, I had a word of knowledge for her fingers. “You have pain on your fingers?” She replied, “Yes. Arthritis on fingers.” I laid hand on her fingers and left as she didn’t have pain at that point in time. Usually, I would always verify the healing. Two weeks later, I saw her again and she said, “Thank you very much! The pain is gone. I am healed!” Jesus is so GOOD! Mark 16:17-18 said that believers shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. Our focus is simply laying of hands. The result belongs to Jesus. Often times, we focus on the result – that causes doubts and fears, which hinder us from laying hand on the sick.
I walked past a reflexology shop and saw a reflexologist limping. I asked, “What happened to you?” He shared that he had back problem for many years. I got him to sit down and checked his legs. One was shorter than the other. Prayed and the leg grew out. He stood up and tested his condition. There was no more back pain! He asked, “Can you heal my toothache too?” I said, “Sure. Because it’s Jesus healing you!”
While making payment at BurgerUp fast food restaurant, I asked the Indian cashier, “You have pain on your right arm, right?” She denied. I asked again, “Do you have a problem there?” She said, “No.” She added, “Why do you ask?” I replied, “I sensed it.” Her eyes were wide opened. She told her colleague, “This is miraculous. He actually knew my problem.” Finally, she acknowledged. “Actually I do have a problem with my right arm. The pain keeps coming on and off. Now it seems fine though.” After praying for her, I turned to her colleague and asked, “How’s your neck? There’s pain, right?” Her colleague denied it. So I went to find a seat and had my lunch. While eating, the Indian cashier approached me and sat in front of me. She said, “Sir, this is amazing. But how did you know my problem?” I started sharing Jesus with her. People are drawn to the One in us because Christ in us is the Hope of glory. After finishing my food, I went back to her colleague and asked again, “How’s your neck? There is pain, right?” She finally nodded, “Yes, because I usually don’t sleep in the right posture. I’m also experiencing heaviness on my head.” Prayed for her and the heaviness immediately lifted. After finding out that she is also a Christian, I shared with her how she could also heal the sick. This is what Christ has given to every single believer. You don’t have to be an evangelist, a prophet or a pastor to heal the sick. As long as you are a believer, you are qualified.
After work, I walked past a condominium and saw two security guards. I had a word of knowledge for one of them regarding his shoulder. Testimony 11 – Security guy who dislocated his shoulderAs I approached him, he confirmed it and said, “It is dislocated when I was carrying heavy stuff.” In fact, doctor had scheduled him for a surgery. Prayed for him and he was completely healed! Jesus! He asked me to pray for his diabetic condition. The other security guard said, “I have pain on both my shoulders for many years.” He could only lift his left arm halfway and the pain level would be 10. Prayed and all the pain left completely! He tested out by lifting his arm all the way towards the sky. I said, “No more pain? Please don’t lie to me.” He exclaimed, “I am not lying!” Come on, Jesus!
While waiting for my wife to shop for her clothes, I saw a black angel gently touching the right ankle of a security officer. A black angel often means healing. I approached him and asked, “You have pain here?” He nodded. Prayed for him and he was healed in Jesus’ name!
While attending a conference at a hotel, I had a word of knowledge for the hotel manager. I asked him, “How’s your right knee?” He said, “I’m fine. Thank you.” Testimony 13 – Hotel manager who had ligament and back problemAfter persisting a few times by asking, he acknowledged,Testimony 13 - Hotel manager who had ligament and back problem “Actually I have an injury years ago and it gives me pain. The ligament has shifted in its position.” I laid hand and prayed before getting him to test it out. He squatted and stood up a few times before saying, “There is no more pain. Actually when you put your hand there, I could feel my ligament shifting.” This is so good! Jesus did the surgery! He then asked, “Can you also pray for my back?” Prayed for him but I couldn’t verify the healing as he was not experiencing pain at that moment. One year later, I went back to the same hotel and saw him again. He had no more back problem. Yay Jesus!
There were a couple of times when I led a small group to Toa Payoh Garden near Toa Payoh Central to do outreach. Many healings took place as we simply loved and ministered to the people in the streets. Acts 1:8 says that the Holy Spirit will come upon you and you shall be My witnesses… The power of the Holy Spirit is meant for witnessing. It is most evident when we are out there reaching the lost instead of hiding in the four walls of the church.
Once, while taking the elevator, I felt a tingle sensation on my finger. There was only one lady in the elevator with me. Immediately, I asked, “Do you have a problem with your finger?” She said that she experienced numbness for a long time on both her finger and her palm. I came out of the elevator with her to minister to her. All numbness left! She said, “Is this going to be permanent?” I said, “Yeah. It’s Jesus!”
After bringing my son to childcare one morning, I dropped by a food court to have breakfast. While making payment, Holy Spirit spoke and I asked, “One of you has pain at the elbow area. Testimony 16 – Muslim stall where three staff are healedWhich one of you?” The male staff responded. Prayed for him and he was totally healed. He tried to carry heavy stuff and there was no more pain. From that, a mini-healing rally started. The lady staff said, “I have pain at the back of my right shoulder.” She was totally healed. The main chef came to me and said, “Both my arms are painful.” Prayed for her. She said, “It is getting very hot.” She kept telling her colleague, “This is so good!” Finally, she said, “It is too hot. Can we stop?” And she was totally healed. The other lady asked for my number to stay in contact. All of them are Muslims and I shared about Jesus with them. By the grace of God, there is an entry into their community now. Jesus!
There was once when someone sprained her ankle badly. She couldn’t rotate her ankle freely. I told her, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” There is power in what we think. So I said, “I’m going to think about your healing now.” Without saying anything and without laying on of hands, I thought about her thinking. When I was done, I got her to test out her ankle. She received complete healing!
One Indian lady shared that her daughter was possessed by a demon. She used to be very bubbly and lovely. But she became depressed, unhappy and easily angered. She would hear voices at night and saw demons in the house. We met up with her daughter and ministered to her. The Holy Spirit revealed that she had never forgiven herself for an abortion that she took many years ago. I asked, “Have you ever forgiven yourself for the abortion that you took?” She began crying and said, “No. How I can ever forgive myself?” I shared the Gospel with her. She asked Jesus to forgive her. At the same time, she released forgiveness to herself. From that day onwards, she was totally set free in Jesus’ name! Amen!
Another lady shared that she was constantly hearing voices that resist who God is. The voice told her to hate God. I met up with her. While praying, the Holy Spirit said, “She had a past relationship that was deeply entrenched. As a result, she was deeply hurt.” I looked at her and said, “You experienced a bad relationship in the past and you are deeply hurt. In fact, you are still hurting and you blame God for what had happened. God loves you. He is not the One who caused it.” She broke down in tears and shared that she was in a relationship with a married man. Ministered to her and she was set free from the voices to worship Jesus!
There was a young lady who shared that she felt fear all the time without reason. One day, she was in turmoil when we met. Holy Spirit revealed that she was sexually abused when she was young. Ministered to her and she was set free in Jesus’ name. She started to laugh as I released joy of the kingdom upon her. The joy of the Holy Spirit came upon her so powerfully that she laughed non-stop for hours!
There was once when I went to Coffee Bean to buy cappuccino. Holy Spirit spoke to me and I asked the barista, “Do you have lower back problem?” She said, “Yes.” I said, “And your left leg is shorter than your right leg.” She replied, “I’m not sure.” Testimony 21 – Barista from Coffee BeanAs she was busy serving customers, I got her number and told her to go home and check. She texted me at night, “I measured my legs and you are right! My left leg is shorter than the right!” Testimony 21 - Barista from Coffee BeanI arranged a meeting to pray for her. Her left leg grew out and her back was totally healed. She shared excitedly that she felt electricity flowing into her leg as I laid hands on her. Thank You Jesus!

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