Amazing time with Frank Hanks last night. I felt incredible after he prayed the total healing package for our head, heart and belly. When he said that Holy Spirit wifi is increasing, I felt the glory increase. Some spoke in tongues and healing manifesting everywhere. The Spirit broke out like a mighty rushing river. You can’t do anything but flow where the Spirit wants to. I couldn’t help but prophesy new parts the way Frank was doing it. I sensed a holy hush when Frank said he felt the heart of the Father towards us. It felt like time stopped for me and I was in another dimension. Then he released us for miracle working ministry. I felt the unction from Papa.

I wanted him to pray for my DNA. I wanted an update or a bug fix. But I forgot to ask. What do you know, Frank declared healing over every strand of DNA. I latched on that word like my life depended on it. Like it was the last vest on Titanic lol. The Lord knew what I needed. It was a word of knowledge.

After the session, the Spirit was saying, “He is the apostle of Malacca”, referring to the South East Asian region. Frank ministers from the heart of the Father. This is why He is able to raise up sons. I visited some prophetic groups on Facebook and soon enough people were asking me to prophesy over them. I ministered healing and deliverance one on one. Dream interpretations were on point. Some asked to be my friend. From Frank, I picked up “restored to factory settings”. My life’s a good mess now that I am still starting to sort out. God is not a god of disorder but of peace. My life is ruined for good not bad. His order, I’m still getting used to. I have peace and that’s all that matters.

I woke up this morning and the middle part of my tongue was numb. I asked the Spirit and He revealed to me that a seraphim visited me and touched my tongue. Then it moved to my lips. I guess he wasn’t finished with me yet. This must be how Isaiah felt. I just started prophetic school withMicah S Turnbo and he has many angelic encounters. His anointing is affecting me too. Like Frank said, “Contagious!”. Truly the kingdom of God is like a yeast Mt 13:33. Watch out, I am infected with the Holy Ghost!

BTW, This morning at work I saw a guy on a bike looking at our company sign. The Spirit said to talk to him. To cut the long story short, I shared the gospel to a Jew for the very first time! His name is Rich. He said he believes in the Golden Rule. I made a new friend. I prayed Yahweh and Yeshua will reveal themselves to you and He said thanks. Pray that the word sown will grow and bear fruit.

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