Training Wheels by Frank Hanks

Frank could not stop thinking about doing miracles just like Jesus. He was inexperienced but he could not be stopped, so God gave him a set of training wheels, a special empowerment to insure his success while he learned to do the works of Jesus. On any given day you might find him praying for someone with a cane and watching them walk away healed. Walk with him through heart warming stories and learn how God taught him to do miracles. He shows us just how easy it can be to do the works of Jesus. Stories will be told daily of others who read this book and receive their own training wheels; embarking on a great adventure of healing the sick and performing mind-blowing miracles just like Jesus. Training Wheels will challenge and inspire you to do greater works; it will open up new possibilities of how you can walk in the supernatural realm. Don’t be the last kid on your block to get yours. You must read this book!

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Praise for Training Wheels
5 star rating on 3 international bookseller sites


Amazon France—Par Beretta –
“I’m always looking for books on healing that have meat in them. I also look for practical tips that practitioners have picked up in the field. Frank Hanks’ book gave me both. Some highlights were his coverage on restoring people’s souls so that they can function correctly. His discussion of how the Kingdom of God functions was extremely clear and helpful. A discussion on gut and heart memory that can impede mental and physical health and how the consistent use of tongues will propel you into the supernatural were both extremely interesting. Frank has quite obviously been there, done that and can speak from experience. For us that are less experienced and less clear on the principles, this is a great book to have in your library”.

Kindle Site- Helen-
“highly recommended for any believer who isn’t content with the mediocre Christian life!”,
“If taking your position as a son of God is what you want, this book will teach you why this is important, and give you your scriptural toolbelt in walking in the authority that is ours”. ~ Helen ~  Nov. 29 2014

Amazon France Betty T. Roots “Amazing book”
Training Wheels is a great book for those who desire to be used by God to heal the sick. It is the type of book that is hard to put down.

Millian Quinteros
“You need to get this book, like, right now….Go!”

Amazon Customer New Zealand January 21st 2015
Highly recommend this book. I read it on my Kindle then ordered two paperback copies for friends. There is so much to ponder on as he presents so many biblical truths and principles that had me seeing them with fresh eyes and a deeper understanding of how real and yet how practical our living relationship with our living Lord can and is meant to be. I could write more but read this book yourself and learn for yourself what God’s training wheels are.

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