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I don’t come from a charismatic background. I believed that God could work miracles, and he probably did for people over in Africa, but there was no expectancy that he would move in my church; my town; my family. I had a good understanding of Grace, and God’s love extended to me through the cross. But I had no understanding of the kingdom within me. That God’s resurrection life inside of me was just waiting to blast Aunt Sally’s cancerous tumor and set people free from pain and oppression. What a crazy idea, right?224642_6549902278_795_n

Things began to change in my life when I started losing my health, and I slid into a deep depression. My belief system wasn’t helping at all. The gospel that I knew hadn’t set me free so I started walking away from it. In my obsession with getting well again, I began looking to things like Eastern meditation and New Age healing techniques. Before long my mind was awash with so much Philosophical and religious mishmash that I didn’t know what to believe anymore. I found myself questioning God’s existence and I still remember the night in my kitchen that I decided I was an agnostic. A crazy thought for a good Christian kid with a Bible College education, who was still leading worship at his church. But God didn’t leave me there. A few nights later I had a dream. All that I remember clearly is a voice speaking out of the darkness, “beware, you are walking the road that leads to death.” I woke up, heart racing. “If you’re real God,” I prayed, “I need you to reveal yourself to me.” And he did. Long story short. Several months later the presence of the Holy Spirit entered the living room as I was in prayer. It felt like a wind began to blow and the power of God burned the sickness out of my body and set me free.

This was the beginning of many intimate encounters with God in which he instilled in me the desire to press in for miracles. I remember reading John 14:12 where Jesus says “Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father.” I was so hungry to see these works in my life, but I had no idea where to start until one evening when I stumbled on a Youtube video of Todd White; a man who lives the life that Jesus modelled out on the street and in the marketplace.

I was leading a college and career group at the time, and that evening after most of the group had left I was sitting around with some friends. I desperately wanted to practice what I had seen in that video, so I asked God if someone in the group needed healing in their body. I had an impression about back pain, and asked my friends if any of them had pain in their backs. One of them admitted that he did, so I placed my hand on his back and told that back to be healed in Jesus’ name. He stood up to test it out, and as he bent and twisted a look of shock spread across his face. “No way,” he kept saying to himself. Most of the pain had left his back.

This was the first of several hundred healings that I have seen over the last year and a half. Here are a few testimonies:

I remember approaching a couple of ladies at a mall and asking them if they had anything in their bodies that they needed healing for. One of ladies said that she had an issue with her knee. I placed my hand on her knee and began to pray, as I was praying she said that she felt energy coming out of my hand. I asked God to send that energy through her entire body and she felt the Holy Spirit washing over her. “What is that?” She asked. And I began to tell her about the Holy Spirit and the life, death and resurrection of Christ that made it possible for God’s Spirit to live inside of us. I asked her if she wanted to receive that life and she said yes. We prayed together and the Spirit of God came into her and washed her clean. I can still remember the glow in her eyes as her old life lifted off of her and God came in.

Her friend asked if I could pray for her wrist. She was scheduled for surgery in a week or so and was in constant pain. As I prayed she felt the power of God move into her wrist and all the pain disappeared. This lady told me that she was a Christian, and she had a desire to get out and pray for the sick as I was doing. I asked if her friend had any pain left in her knee and she said that she did. So I asked friend number 2 to pray for friend number 1. As the second lady placed her hands on her friend, the new Christian was touched by the presence of God again. I watched the ladies leave the mall with huge grins on their faces, excited about what God had done.

I received a message from a friend that I had hardly seen in several years. She told that she had cancer and was waiting to die. She had heard that God had been working miracles through me and asked if could come out to pray for her. So I drovdreamstime_m_36402945e out to see her. When I arrived to pray for her, I found a room full of people. It turns out that she had invited some non-believing friends to be part of this. It was her hope that if God healed her, they would see the miracle, and come to faith in Christ. No pressure. So I put my hands on her and told the cancer to get out of her body. I felt a battle in the spirit as that thing came out of her, she said she felt the peace of God flowing through her and things shifting inside of her body. A few minutes later, her hands—that had been ice cold because of the cancer—were warm again. She said she felt great, and her friends were shocked. As I’m writing this, it has been close to a month since that night, and my friend is feeling healthy and strong. She’s in love with Jesus and she has been seeing miracles in her own life as she has been stepping out to pray for sick and hurting people.

I prayed for a man named Jeff, on a cruise ship several months ago. Jeff had Osteoarthritis in his right knee and his last MRI showed that he had no cartilage left in his knee joint. He was in severe pain, day and night, and doctors were recommending a knee replacement. After several quick prayers Jeff was squatting and running up and down stairs without pain, which he hadn’t been able to do in years! He hugged his wife as the two of them cried together; then he hugged me with tears in his eyes. I saw him again the next day and his knee was feeling great. I haven’t seen Jeff since, but I can still see the joy on his eyes.

A couple friends and I went to pray for another friend who had stage 4 cancer. He had a grapefruit sized tumor on one of his kidneys, and the doctors had given him a year to live. He was hooked up to oxygen, and they had attached a bag to his kidneys because the tumor had blocked off his “plumbing” so he couldn’t pee. My friends and I put our hands on him and prayed. He said he felt warmth moving into his abdomen as we commanded the tumor to shrink in Jesus’ name. Not long after we left, he sent me this text. Hilarious, if you don’t know the context: “Hey for the first time I had the urge to pee, and just peed a huge pee!” A couple hours later: “I just peed again! Something is happening!!”

We’ve been communication back and forth since then and he’s been peeing normally and gaining strength every day. He no longer needs oxygen and he is in the process of getting his kidney bag removed. This wasn’t supposed to happen. But doctors didn’t factor Jesus into the equation!

Skeptical-Fibromyalgia-Doctor-300x238This was one of the first healings that I ever saw: I was talking with a neighbor one day when I had an impression about knee pain. I asked him if there was something wrong with one of his knees and he said he had messed up his left knee in a car accident. I asked him if I could pray for him, he said that was fine. I placed my hand on his knee and told it to be healed. All the pain left, and he began bending and twisting and doing things that he couldn’t do before. We had a good chat about Jesus. As far as I know he still isn’t a believer, but his experience has clearly broken down walls and opened him up to the gospel.

I remember praying for a group of kids at a youth conference with a couple friends. There were about 8 kids or so with their leaders. A couple of the girls admitted to having pain in their bodies, so we prayed for them and all the pain left. Then the rest of them stared telling us about their ailments, and God healed them all as they prayed for one another. One of the leaders told us that most of the kids were non-Christians. I turned to them and asked them if they believed in Jesus now. They all nodded their heads. Then we all held hands as the whole group of kids asked Jesus to be their Lord. Amazing!dreamstime_m_35358736

Some friends and I prayed for a brother who had been a break dancer until his shoulder was injured, and he hadn’t been able to dance for an entire year. I asked some teens to gather around and put their hands on his shoulder. They prayed a couple times and nothing happened, but as they prayed the second time I felt the presence of an afflicting spirit. I told that thing to release his shoulder and the pain left immediately. He found an open spot and tested out some b-boy moves, pain free! He told me that he had been called to dance around the world for Jesus, and he finally felt free to pursue what God had for him. A youth leader who was praying with us, asked if we could pray for his asthma to be healed. We gathered around and prayed several times, and he felt all the tightness and irritation lift of him. He could breath deeply without any pain for the first time in a long time.

I looked over and noticed that a young lady, who had been sitting alone had come to see what was happening. I could see some pain in her eyes, and I felt the love of the Father for this girl and asked if we could pray for her. As we started loving on her and sharing what God was putting on out hearts for her, she broke down and started to cry. I wasn’t aware of all that God did for her in that encounter until she sent me her testimony a week later. She told me she was sitting at that table planning her suicide, but God delivered her from depression and healed her of a tumor in her breast. Even though she’s still in a hard living situation she now knows the love of her heavenly Father!

As I go about my day I try to be mindful and available. You’ll find so many opportunities to minister to the people around you if you keep your eyes and ears open, and your heart attuned to the Spirit’s voice. And if you are willing make the most of the opportunities that come, God will start bringing people your way. It’s almost humorous how often people start complaining about their ailments when I’m around.

The most important thing to realize as you seek to minister healing to others is your identity. You have the same Holy Spirit and same resources that Jesus had, and you can do the same things that he did. The kingdom lives inside of you and it wants get out onto those around you. Jesus never instructed his disciples to ask God to heal the sick, he told them to do it. He has given us everything that we need, all that’s left for us to do is get our hands on the sick and believe.

A number of people have talked to me recently and said something along the lines of: “I’ve wanted to get out and pray for the sick, but what if I pray and nothing happens? Won’t I look ridiculous? What if the sick person is disappointed? Worse yet, what if I make Jesus look bad?” A few points:

1) When I pray for people and it doesn’t “work,” I’m shocked at how often I hear things like “I admire your faith,” “thank you for caring,” or “you’ve made my day.”

2) There is a guaranteed, works every time or your money back technique. It’s called LOVE. Paul says that “love never fails.” If my first concern is to honor and encourage the person I’m praying for; if I see them as more than a potential testimony, but a soul that God loves; they’ll feel honored and respected, even if “nothing” happens.

3) Even if they think you’re nuts. It will plant a seed. The fact that you took the time to pray for them speaks of a faith that’s genuine, and it’s an opportunity to share about what God has done in your life.

The enemy of our souls will try anything to keep us out of that place of risk. It’s when we step out and risk looking like fools for Jesus that the heavens open up and the impossible becomes normal. It’s where we encounter the life we’ve always been longing for. C’mon church, let’s rise up!


Steve Callaway: Posted on Facebook 6 July 2015, (Miracle from May 2015)

A medically verified miracle! Back in May, a friend and I prayed for a boy who had scoliosis. A couple days ago his Mom sent me the picture below. The x-ray on the right is from February, and show10984091_10153374579737279_6050433016151351975_ns you what his spine used to look like. On the left you see his most recent x-ray, taken three days ago. A significant improvement that doctors have no explanation for. Scoliosis just doesn’t fix itself. Jesus we love you!!




Updated report for this week

Testimony of a workman for last week – Steve Callaway


Here’s the requested testimony. And I’ll post a few more quick testimonies from the last five days.


What an incredible week! Hitting public places in Three Hills and Calgary with my bros Matt Brisbin, Kevin Maxwell, Greg Julas and Julian Esselink to share the love of Christ. We’ve seen people healed, saved and delivered. Lots of testimonies. Two guys prayed to receive Christ and were filled with the Holy Spirit at Cross Iron Mills after one of them was healed.


We saw the pain leave a Muslim lady’s knees as her adult daughters translated for us. We told them it was Jesus who had done this and that he loved them. Two of the girls had huge grins on their faces. I believe Muslim women in particular are hungry to hear about the love of Christ.


We were in a restaurant where we saw a young girl healed of a tummy ache as her parents were watching, then a lady was healed of severe arthritis in her legs. (She hadn’t been able to work for a year and a half because of the pain.) A waitress saw what was happening and asked if we could pray for her. The pain was above her hip, and she felt a numbing sensation as God healed her.


I started chatting with a lady who was a very strong Atheist. I told her that we had seen people healed and she began to walk away. I said, “put us to the test. The worst things that could happen is nothing at all.” So she stopped and let me pray. She said that she wouldn’t be able to tell if it worked until that evening, but I’m trusting that she was healed. You can be praying for her. Her name is Melissa.


Prayed for a kid in a wheelchair as his Mom was watching. He was in Calgary at the children hospital because of an infection in his leg. As I prayed he felt a tingling sensation and pain subsiding. we prayed for three muscly young guys, one of them had a groin injury that was healed and another had a shin that was healed. They had to take off, but I could see the shock in their faces. Prayed for a man with a tumor in his chin, and all the pain left. My friend Matt prayed for a kid with a broken arm and the pain left his arm. Prayed for a girl with a cast on her leg who felt warmth moving through her leg. No pain at the moment, but she wasn’t able to check it until she got home. My friend Julian was praying for the sick in public for the first time. He prayed for a kid’s neck at the mall and it was healed, then he got an accurate prophetic word for him. Julian is only 13 smile emoticon. Some other great prophetic encounters. We freaked three guys out at

the mall with some very specific words.


The list could go on. We’ve really been pressing in and God has been showing up. I want to encourage you all to keep persevering past rejection, and those times that you didn’t see healing happen. I have a lot of those stories too. But the only difference between those who see results and those who don’t, is perseverance. Bless you all. Yay Jesus!!




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