Raising the Dead

182226_10151644974497223_1641040775_nRaising the dead is a command that Jesus gave to his disciples. What is not clear to this generation is that the command to raise the dead is for disciples of every generation. Not many people that I know would walk into a hospital morgue and pray for the dead. Not many people I know would seek to be in the same room with a dead person with the intent of raising them from the dead.

I want to change that. I heard Bill Johnson speak about Tyler G. Johnson who was going to accident scenes attempting to get a chance to raise people from the dead. He formed a ministry One Glance Ministries www.OneGlance.org and began developing Dead Raising Teams. These are teams of people in locations around the world who are on call when any family wishes to have them come and resurrect their loved ones. I thought what a lovi10743304_1499784046951043_1626832148_nng thing to do for someone. From this testimony I started the Facebook page The D.R.T. (Dead Raising Team). The group is to give anyone a biblical foundation for raising the dead and to find others who are believing for the same thing. We share stories and personal testimonies of raising the dead. As of august 2014 ten people in the group have raised someone from the dead and many more desire to. In August of 2014 I had the privilege of going to a resurrection training session by Tyler G. Johnson and since then have been asked to be a Dead Raising Team member for Alberta Canada.


We are going to do more work on this part of the site to include more of Tylers resources. You may visit his website for more information. www.oneglance.org

We will be developing this section to include links to ministries whose purpose is to teach on this subject. There will also be links to movies and video footage. It is exciting to imagine multitude will be trained up and equipped to this GOOD WORK.

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