Signs, Wonders & Mighty Works – Episode #001 – Frank Hanks
18 February, 2015
Wonders & Mighty Works /by Millian Quinteros

Topic: Creative Miracles and New Body Parts

Frank HankRadio-microphone-440x360s from Empty Hospitals International in Canada, joins us today to discuss the elements of creative miracles, new body parts, and bodily restoration. Frank’s book, Body Parts, is attempting to bring this topic to the forefront of healing ministry. We discuss some of the scriptures, the mindsets and activation in this relatively untouched area of ministry.



Heal the sick podcast # 59 Dominion Fire Ministry, Las Vegas Nevada

– Franks Hanks from Empty Hospitals International joins us on the program today. Frank is a great friend of our ministry and an amazing minister. Frank joins us today to give us the mechanics to praying for healing in a given situation, and also gives a primer on the concept of operating out of the glory realm to bring about healing. Frank shares his story as well as the books he has authored on these subjects. Boom Goes Yeshua!

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