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How To Get Kicked Out of Church

Jesus was kicked out of His church and you probably will be too if you do what He taught us all to do. Don’t fear. Millions of people are following Jesus outside the walls of a local church, multiplying God’s resources, healing the sick, and leading others into the Kingdom. It’s time to rise up and do what Jesus taught us to do. In these pages, evangelist and international Kingdom worker Frank Hanks will teach you what the corporate church won’t, such as: – The secret traditions and techniques of the corporate church system that keep you afraid to do what Jesus teaches. – Where Jesus wants you to give your money in His New Covenant Church so He can receive the most blessing—and you will receive the most reward. – How to heal people the “Jesus way.” – How to overcome rejection and betrayal in the church as you partner with the Holy Spirit to win the lost and heal the hurting. Begin your path today to Kingdom productivity with this survival guide in case you, too, happen to get kicked out of church for following Jesus.Empty Hospitals is pleased to announce the great giveaway featuring three book by Author and Revivalist, Frank Hanks.

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Body Parts

Don’t believe the lie! God is not the only one who heals. He gave you the authority to do it, too, in His name. For over 2,000 years, God has been seeking to deploy a trained army of miracle workers—soldiers who will do what Jesus asked them to do—heal the sick, spread the good news, and teach others to do the same. In his first book of this series, Training Wheels, healing evangelist Frank Hanks prepares us for duty by showing us how to become emotionally and spiritually whole, because healed people heal people. In this book, Frank will • strengthen your faith that generating brand-new body parts really do happen, • awaken the desire to become active in this ministry of healing. • remove blockages that result in sickness and prevent an abundant healing ministry. • see the glory of God rise up throughout the world because of His work through you. Bury the lie, embrace the truth, and get ready for deployment.

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Training Wheels

Frank could not stop thinking about doing miracles just like Jesus. He was inexperienced but he could not be stopped, so God gave him a set of training wheels, a special empowerment to insure his success while he learned to do the works of Jesus. On any given day you might find him praying for someone with a cane and watching them walk away healed. Walk with him through heart warming stories and learn how God taught him to do miracles. He shows us just how easy it can be to do the works of Jesus. Stories will be told daily of others who read this book and receive their own training wheels; embarking on a great adventure of healing the sick and performing mind-blowing miracles just like Jesus. Training Wheels will challenge and inspire you to do greater works; it will open up new possibilities of how you can walk in the supernatural realm. Don’t be the last kid on your block to get yours. You must read this book!

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