Skeptical Doctors Become Believers

In 2013 Frank Hanks, of Empty Hospitals International went to Malaysia on a mission to teach believers to heal the sick and preform miracles by the power of the Spirit of God. From the visit there were 2 people revived from comas, several healed from heart conditions, diabetes, lumps removed from breasts and an assortment of other miracles as Frank took those he taught into the hospitals to heal the sick.

While in Kuala Lumpur Frank was pleased to meet Dr. Kauna who practiced medicine in the city. Dr Kauna had a hip socket that had worn away over time. He showed Frank an x-ray stored on his cell phone. Frank asked Dr.Kauna if he would like a new hip joint? He said “yes”. Dr Kauna had declined a recent surgery to replace the hip. But frank Suggested they ask God for a brand new one from

Doctors are stunned to hear that Empty Hospitals International are preforming instant miracles.

heaven. Dr. Kauna, a recent convert to Christianity agreed to let Frank Pray. So Frank put his hand on the doctors hip and immediately the hip joint became very warm inside. after several minutes Frank removed his hand from Dr. Kauna’s hip. Dr. Kauna knew right away after taking a few steps that he had a new hip socket.

A few days later Dr. Kauna invited Frank to come with him to his sisters house to pray for several people one of which was the Dr’s brother-in-law who suffered from an enlarged heart.

Frank talked to the group about his recent tript to Nigeria where they had prayed for a lady with high blood pressure who was hospitalized. While praying the Lord told Frank that her problem was because she had a broken heart. Frank told his students to instead pray that her broken heart be healed and much to the surprise of everyone, her blood pressure stabilized instantly.

The group listened intently as frank spoke of the futility of looking at symptomatic issues. “Many times if you go right to the root cause and heal that, the symptoms disappear”.  So Frank offered to pray for Dr. Kaunas brother-in-law, but not for the enlarged heart but rather for broken-heartedness, asking God to relieve any residual


Doctors become believers when they see results with their own eyes, or you teach them how to heal the sick through prayer

emotional pain suffered through his many years. As he did the heart grew stronger and started beating very powerfully. Frank asked Dr. Kauna what that meant? Dr. Kauna said it was a sign that his heart was in perfect condition. Frank asked why he could be so certain. Dr Kauna said “an enlarged heart becomes very weak because the outer surface of the heart begins to die through a lack of blood-flow; because of this the heartbeat is weak, but this strong powerful beating could only be that of a healthy heart”. In Minutes the heart was restored because the underlying issue was resolved through prayer.


Dr. Kauna also suffered from a bad heart. So Frank prayed for him as well and asked Dr. Kauna if he felt anything. He said, “I feel heat from the left side of my neck all the way down the arm through the fingers”. “What does that tell you as a doctor?” Frank asked. Dr Kauna said “It tells me that my heart has just been healed because when a person has a bad heart he will have pain starting in the left side of his neck that will radiate all the way down the left arm right into the fingers and will also have numbness”. So in a brief visit on a Sunday afternoon the men of two families were both healed of damaged hearts. Dr. Kauna also help Frank to understand the underlying cause of diabetes and shared with him what to ask for in prayer to rectify the condition. Because of Dr. Kaunas help Frank has healed several people with diabetes due to a better knowledge.

When praying for the sick Frank prefers to have a doctor along whenever possible, because they understand the body and can verify miracles instantly. Another advantage according to Frank is that he loves to learn and always carries something away with him because doctors have such a vast knowledge of the systems within the body.  Frank also has encountered many doctors who refuse to believe his stories of the Lords healing power, so it is nice to have such high caliber witnesses when possible.

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