Dead raising in Phnom Penh!

David was hit by a moto while he was driving his moto back home the other night! The other driver hit him in the back of his vehicle and flew off, landing on his head a little further. David hobbled on his hurt leg to go and see the young man lying on the ground shaking and foaming at the mouth! Then suddenly he stopped shaking and went stiff! Passerbys tried to find his pulse by touching him on the neck, but couldn’t. He was dead!
David got scared! That would mean deep trouble for him, being a foreigner involved in the death of a native! So, laying over the body, he kept saying:” you shall live, in JESUS name!”, ” you shall live, in JESUS name!”, ” you shall live, in JESUS name!” ” you shall live, in JESUS name!” After doing that for a couple of minutes the dead man got up as if nothing had happened! He asked David who he was and what he was doing there!!?? The police arrived in the scene and asked the witnesses what had happened and who was at fault. They all said the young man was wrong. The police asked David if he wanted to press charges, to which he answered ‘no!’
The crowd clapped hands and left amazed, not really understanding what had just taken place, but having seen the dead raised in the name of Jesus Christ!!

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