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An INCREDIBLE MIRACLE happened tonight! Talk about God putting you in the Right Place at the Right Time!!?😂🙌
…well, my wife and I had spent time praying for people on Venice Beach and then we headed to the Los Angeles Airport to catch our flight back home.. We were led to a group of people flying out to Mexico for a Mission trip and prayed for them… Then we headed to get on our plane. As we were in line to go through the scanner at the airport, the man in front of me was walking through the scanner and he screamed and then fell out on the ground hitting his head on the metal assembly line on his way down.

I ran through the scanner past the guards and immediately turned him on his side. He wasn’t breathing and was as stiff as a log. He looked dead. His girlfriend was crying and screaming that he has no health issues but that he was on Benzodiazepines. A crowd of security and several people surrounded us…including his girlfriend. So I put my hand on his head and said out loud, “In the name of Jesus, I command you to breathe and come back to life! BREATHE NOW in JESUS NAME!!!!” I prayed out loud for close to 45 seconds. And as I said “BREATHE NOW! in JESUS NAME!”, He Gasped for air and began to breathe and started to become aware of his surroundings! I stayed with him until the medical personnel got there.. 🙌😭😱 ..My wife had captured this picture after he had started breathing again. It was amazing afterward, because the Security Guards and one of the people who saw what God did told my wife that they really were thankful that that we brought our “Spirituality” into that situation! A “Spirituality” that has The Power to Raise the Dead to life! The Holy Spirit! The One True Living God! JESUS CHRIST living IN US and THROUGH US! This is a Miracle that I know I will NEVER Forget for the rest of my life!! GLORY TO YOU MY GOD!! YOUR BEYOND AMAZING JESUS!!!

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