Evangelist Luke Stevens – Brisbane, Australia

It was on the 28th of October 2013 when I realized that the battle between good and evil was happening around me and that I was decieved and believed a lie for pretty much my entire life I woke up on that day demonicly oppressed for 3 days I was literally seeing demons and angels among other things like hearing voices saying “Hell shall be thy name” and other disgusting and vulgar thoughts, I felt like I was trapped and didnt know how to get myself out of this situation until I spoke to my Aunty who is a Christian and she told me to pray I didnt believe it would be that easy nore did I even k221604_10150182289434474_1202240_nnow how to pray so I asked her to pray for me it was about an hour later when I finally started to speak to God and the moment I did everything decreased I was still seeing things but the feeling and thoughts werent as predominant my first prayer went for about 6 hours on the first night when everything was happening in that prayer one thing stood out most to me and that was when I said to God “Im so sorry it took for something like this to happen to me you never have to prove yourself again” the moment I said that a star shot across the sky and lost it because even in that moment I said “you dont have to prove yourself” he still did what a loving heavenly Father we have so this continued for 3 days as I said and every day I was praying continually it wasn’t till the 3rd day I woke up free from this oppression and its funny how biblical it is Jesus died on the cross and 3 days later raising conquering sin and death on the 28th of October i was a atheist 3 days later I was born again I lived a life full of alcohol, violence and drugs I wasn’t living I thought I was but it was unfulfilling and void but when I came to Christ I have found my calling and haven’t never been more fulfilled when you discover your true identity there is no greater joy only God can fill that void in your heart that you try and fill with rubbish that only leaves you lest satisfied then before because you realize you keep going back for more and more but it never lasts long I thank God that I have found my calling as an evangelist I have witnessed more miracles than most I have seen deaf ears open, blind eyes see, cancer disappear, broken bones mended, I get to witness incredible signs and wonders almost everyday and when you understand who you have become because of what Jesus did on the cross then signs and wonders easily flow you don’t need to go looking for it because the word says these signs will follow them that believe, we walk from the finish work of the cross never towards it we have been made righteous and holy by the blood of our saviour Jesus Christ it says for He who new no sin became sin so that you may become the righteousness of God, wow you are as righteous as God thats incredible and when you seek a relationship with your heavenly Father repentance flows naturally and you cant help but express the love of God that is in Christ Jesus ill finish off by saying that God loves you in the very state you are in now you don’t have to clean yourself up He desires your heart with a Godly jealousy praise you Jesus for setting the captives free from the bondages of sin all glory to God.


I prayed for this brother while I was in Ghana just recently. I asked him i he had a problem in his leg? He said “how this you know?” Frank said “tell him which leg he has the pain in” so I told him it was his left leg. He was even more impressed. I to20151125_120657-1ld Him that Jesus lives in me and tells me these things. He told me that he suffered from a gunshot wound which happened a few years before while on duty, so I asked if I could pray for him.and he was more than happy so I laid hands on him and BOOM the pain left him instantly and my brother in Christ Frank Hanks asked him if he would like to have Christ live in him too. He said yes so Frank helped him to say a prayer to confess the Lord Jesus and he believed that God resurrected Him from the dead. A police officer turned brother was healed and born again within 5 minutes during a taxi ride through the streets of Ho, Ghana. Thank you Jesus!



This brother lined up with about 30 to 40 people that were suffering from all types of infirmities and diseases. He was suffering from abdominal cancer. He had lumps and pain in his stomach. When he asked me to pray for his I was eager to and told him it was not God’s will that he be suffering from this and I knew God would take it from him so within 60 seconds of me praying, God dissolved all the lumps of cancer and the pain immediately left his body. Praise God: He took our pain away over 200 years ago.


I seen this college student worker who was in pain from hypertension on her knee she could barely walk so I asked if I could lay hands on her and she said yeah why not but I couldnt tell if it was healed because she wouldnt take the leg and knee brace off but I seen her about 3 days later and she was limping extremely bad it was unbearable for me to see cause I know God doesnt want her to be suffering so I contested with God and said “your word says if I lay hands on the sick they will recover not they might or depending on the circumstances. No, you said they will. Come on God I can’t take her pain away only you can, your the creator of all that is seen and unseen you’re the healer and you say you’ll draw all people to you only you can make this encounter real” so after I had a convo with Him I said to her I’m gonna pray for you again and I believe this time you’ll be healed completely so she let me.


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