Certain of the Church

(Acts 12:1-3) Now about that time Herod the king stretched forth his hands to vex certain of the church. 2. And he killed James the brother of John with the sword. 3. And because he saw it pleased the Jews, he proceeded further to take Peter also. (Then were the days of unleavened bread.)

Certain ones rise up from time to time; those convinced of a certainty that the Kingdom of Heaven has come. Empty Hospitals international is featuring certain of the church who are making an impact wherever they go by demonstrating the Kingdom in the power of the Spirit of God. We hope you will be inspired and challenged by the lives of those featured here as you move into the center of your destiny in preaching the Kingdom.

Our first feature highlights the ministry of Steve Callaway from Three Hills Alberta.

          Steve Callaway

22359_296212812278_3409594_nSteve Callaway has come to our attention because of his very consistent witness to the Love of God through his Son Jesus Christ.  Once Steve was healed through a visitation, he has had a burning desire to show that same love by healing the sick, performing miracles and preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom with effectiveness; whether at home in Alberta or on the mission field.



44708_2842106227460_142385137_nJesse and Karmen Lira – Greeley Colorado

Delivered powerfully from addictions and hate both Jesse and Karmen were ignited by the fire of God and the power of the Holy Ghost to set others free. Get around Jesse and Karmen and you will know for sure that God is with them. They are carriers of contagious revival with which you will become infected and a spreader of the same. I visited them in Greeley in May of 2015 and saw this contagion first-hand as they lead a zealous lively group of believers that have lost souls on their minds. Intercession is a big key to the success of the ministry as dedicated people are praying the mind of Christ around the clock.


      Evangelist Luke Stevens – Brisbane, Australia

Luke is a mixed martial artist, a bouncer in a night club and an                   evangelist. At only 2 years as a believer, he has brought many into a     belief in the Son of God, Jesus Christ and heals people constantly. He and a group of sold out revivalists founded Hope of Glory Ministries whose sole focus is to live out Mathew 10:8-10. Upon speaking to a person he always starts with the words “Jesus Love You!”

Revivalist, husband and father Wilson Barnabas Koh

Singapore Revivalist Wilson Barnabas Koh is currently a real estate agent. Despite difficult economics times he continues to be among the top agents. The thing most striking to me is how many people Wilson reaches each day as he follows the words of knowledge he receives from the Holy Spirit. We went to a hospital together to pray for an uncle Testimony 21 - Barista from Coffee Beanof his. Afterwards he and Dr. Zhengquin Koh went to use the washroom while I waited outside. They healed a man  in there and when they emerged we healed another lady who had not walked for several months after a hip operation. This was only the beginning. After I became his friend on Facebook there has been a never ending stream of daily miracles, sometimes more than 5 a day.


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