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Empty Hospitals International (EHI) is a global healing ministry.

Headquartered in Canada it reaches to the ends of the earth touching lives on every continent through a multitude of ministry disciplines. In 2016 EHI sets its sights on South East Asia where so many are lacking in a basic understanding of healing the sick and a practical working knowledge of working of miracles. Our base in Penang Malaysia will be operational in February. EHI has had another request to open a training centre in the Philippines. We hope to do this also this year funds permitting. Click on the donate button and partner with EHI to reach South East Asia with Kingdom wisdom and understanding. This opportunity has the potential of becoming a sweeping contagious revival of ordinary people performing miracles.

Frank Hanks received a message from Jesus Christ in 1990 while seeking God about the plan for his life. After fasting for 3 days Jesus spoke to Frank while he was working and said, “I have called you to empty hospitals”. Frank questioned Jesus as to what he meant by that to which Jesus replied “My people have spent all their living trying to get healed, but have been helped very little; I want to do something about it.”


He went on to tell Frank about how the hospitals are profit centers and will not want him to succeed in emptying them. Drug companies create a false illusion that drugs are the answer to every physical, mental and emotional problem, while continually mining for new victims through aggressive advertising campaigns. They are effective  “fishers of men”

Add to this the harm done by the practice of medicine from mis-diagnosis, botched surgeries, and a host of other iatrogenic events. As you read that statistics below, keep in mind that many of these harm causing mistakes are not reported for a variety of reasons which will become clear.

/īˌatrəˈjenik/ from the greek “brought on by the healer”
of or relating to illness caused by medical examination or treatment. ~Wkiipedia~

“Iatrogenic events are the leading cause of death at 783,936 deaths per year (American Statistics)”. 
DEATH BY MEDICINE – December 2003 Gary Null PhD, Carolyn Dean MD ND, Martin Feldman MD, Debora Rasio MD, Dorothy Smith PhD.

The American Medical system is now the leading cause of death in America with a staggering 783,936 deaths per year. Second highest cause is heart disease at 699,697 in 1991

Table 3: Estimated 10-Year Death Rates from Medical Intervention
Condition                                           10-Year Deaths
Adverse Drug Reaction                      1.06 million
Medical error                                       0.98 million
Bedsores                                               1.15 million
Nosocomial Infection                          0.88 million
Malnutrition                                        1.09 million
Outpatients                                          1.99 million
Unnecessary Procedures                   371,360
Surgery-related                                   320,000
Total                                                    7,841,360

In 1994, Leape said he was well aware that medical errors were not being reported.(16) A study conducted in two Skeptical-Fibromyalgia-Doctor-300x238obstetrical units in the UK found that only about one-quarter of adverse incidents were ever reported, to protect staff, preserve reputations, or for fear of reprisals, including lawsuits.(24). An analysis by Wald and Shojania found that only 1.5% of all adverse events result in an incident report, and only 6% of adverse drug events are identified properly. The authors learned that the American College of Surgeons estimates that surgical incident reports routinely capture only 5-30% of adverse events. In one study, only 20% of surgical complications resulted in discussion at morbidity and mortality rounds.(25) From these studies, it appears that all the statistics gathered on medical errors may substantially underestimate the number of adverse drug and medical therapy incidents. They also suggest that our statistics concerning mortality resulting from medical errors may be in fact be conservative figures.

Unnecessary Events             10-year Number                                    Iatrogenic Events
Hospitalization                           89 million                                                    17 million
Procedures                                 75 million                                                    15 million
Total164 million

These projected figures show that a total of 164 million people, approximately 56% of the population of the United States, have been treated unnecessarily by the medical industry – in other words, about 50,000 people per day.

To see the report “Death by Medicine” click on the picture below









The vision of Empty Hospitals International is to address this issue on several fronts.
Bringing attention to the problem of blindly trusting your well-being to health care systems.
Educate people on dealing with sickness and disease from a biblical perspective by:

  • Provide educational resources to demonstrate the effectiveness of biblical methods and shifting our almost exclusive dependency from modern medicine to biblical solutions.
  • Working with government and universities in studying the effectiveness of biblical healing when applied to specific illnesses.

For example A man from Singapore has a 65% effectiveness rate against aids when applying prayer. In collaboration with an African nation his methods show an immediate 65% success rate. In other words 65 out of every hundred people he prays for are instantly healed of aids.

Empty Hospitals International will implement strategies to collaborate with public and private groups to overcome the major illnesses of our day. Our training and implementation of drug free solutions will bring about a shift in the way people approach wellness.

The resulting course correction will result in:

  • Preventative proactive initiatives as opposed to corrective intervention
  • A dramatic move from drug dependency to eliminating the need for drugs.
  • less burden on government
  • A healthier and productive citizenry

Empty Hospitals International is funded through donations of people from all walks of life. Become a partner today and help us redirect the suffering toward the ancient paths that God has shown to people of all walks of life. Participate financially in making history beginning today.

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